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Steel Wear Strips - Holes

Just recently added to the product line - SelfLube Steel Wear Strips are made of alloy steel and come with pre-drilled mounting holes. All standard sizes are listed. If a standard size will not do, SelfLube can make customs. Please call us today to verify specifications. Minimum thickness is .250" (.375" for steel); max width is 8"; max length is 40".

Click here to view the spec sheet
Catalog #ThicknessWidthLengthCADAdd To Quote
38-32S.3751.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
38-40S.3751.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
38-48S.3751.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
38-64S.3751.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
38-80S.3751.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
38-96S.3751.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-24S.3751.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-32S.3751.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-40S.3751.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-48S.3751.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-64S.3751.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-80S.3751.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
312-96S.3751.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-24S.3752.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-32S.3752.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-40S.3752.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-48S.3752.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-64S.3752.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-80S.3752.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
316-96S.3752.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-24S.3752.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-32S.3752.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-40S.3752.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-48S.3752.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-64S.3752.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-80S.3752.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
320-96S.3752.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-24S.3753.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-32S.3753.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-40S.3753.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-48S.3753.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-64S.3753.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-80S.3753.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
324-96S.3753.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-32S.3754.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-40S.3754.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-48S.3754.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-64S.3754.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-80S.3754.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
332-96S.3754.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-24S.5001.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-32S.5001.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-40S.5001.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-48S.5001.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-64S.5001.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-80S.5001.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
412-96S.5001.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-24S.5002.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-32S.5002.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-40S.5002.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-48S.5002.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-64S.5002.008.00DownloadAdd To Quote
416-80S.5002.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
416-96S.5002.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-24S.5002.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-32S.5002.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-40S.5002.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-48S.5002.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-64S.5002.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-80S.5002.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
420-96S.5002.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-24S.5003.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-32S.5003.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-40S.5003.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-48S.5003.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-64S.5003.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-80S.5003.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
424-96S.5003.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-32S.5004.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-40S.5004.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-48S.5004.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-64S.5004.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-80S.5004.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
432-96S.5004.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-24S.6251.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-32S.6251.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-40S.6251.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-48S.6251.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-64S.6251.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-80S.6251.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
512-96S.6251.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-24S.6252.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-32S.6252.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-40S.6252.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-48S.6252.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-64S.6252.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-80S.6252.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
516-96S.6252.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-24S.6252.503.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-32S.6252.504.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-40S.6252.505.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-48S.6252.506.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-64S.6252.508.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-80S.6252.5010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
520-96S.6252.5012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-24S.6253.003.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-32S.6253.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-40S.6253.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-48S.6253.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-64S.6253.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-80S.6253.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
524-96S.6253.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-32S.6254.004.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-40S.6254.005.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-48S.6254.006.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-64S.6254.008.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-80S.6254.0010.0DownloadAdd To Quote
532-96S.6254.0012.0DownloadAdd To Quote
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