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Trunnion Lifter Slide - Angled and Adj.

Saves build time! Complete with a 0-15 degree preset angle of travel. Combined with a .339 lifter rod length adjustment and accommodates lifter rod angles up to 30 degrees.

Click here to view the spec sheet
Catalog #RodWidthLengthHeightAngleCADAdd To Quote
TJA6X0063.1253.52.50DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0163.1253.52.51DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0263.1253.52.52DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0363.1253.52.53DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0463.1253.52.54DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0563.1253.52.55DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0663.1253.52.56DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0763.1253.52.57DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0863.1253.52.58DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X0963.1253.52.59DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1063.1253.52.510DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1163.1253.52.511DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1263.1253.52.512DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1363.1253.52.513DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1463.1253.52.514DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6X1563.1253.52.515DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0083.3123.52.50DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0183.3123.52.51DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0283.3123.52.52DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0383.3123.52.53DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0483.3123.52.54DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0583.3123.52.55DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0683.3123.52.56DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0783.3123.52.57DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0883.3123.52.58DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X0983.3123.52.59DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1083.3123.52.510DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1183.3123.52.511DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1283.3123.52.512DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1383.3123.52.513DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1483.3123.52.514DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8X1583.3123.52.515DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0063.1253.52.50DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0163.1253.52.51DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0263.1253.52.52DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0363.1253.52.53DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0463.1253.52.54DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0563.1253.52.55DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0663.1253.52.56DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0763.1253.52.57DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0863.1253.52.58DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G0963.1253.52.59DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1063.1253.52.510DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1163.1253.52.511DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1263.1253.52.512DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1363.1253.52.513DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1463.1253.52.514DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA6G1563.1253.52.515DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0083.3123.52.50DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0183.3123.52.51DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0283.3123.52.52DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0383.3123.52.53DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0483.3123.52.54DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0583.3123.52.55DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0683.3123.52.56DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0783.3123.52.57DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0883.3123.52.58DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G0983.3123.52.59DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1083.3123.52.510DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1183.3123.52.511DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1283.3123.52.512DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1383.3123.52.513DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1483.3123.52.514DownloadAdd To Quote
TJA8G1583.3123.52.515DownloadAdd To Quote
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