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Trunnion Lifter Slides - Inch

Saves build time. Trunnion action automatically accommodates lifter rod angles of up to 30 degrees. Available with or without self-lubricating graphite.

Click here to view the spec sheet
Catalog #Lifter Rod DiaWidthLengthHeightStyleCADAdd To Quote
TGA22-28-41/22.1893.001.507PlainDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA26-28-63/42.8893.251.757PlainDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA28-28-813.5623.502.008PainDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA22-28-4G1/22.1893.001.507GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA26-28-6G3/42.8893.251.757GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA28-28-8G13.5623.502.008GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
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