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Trunnion Lifter Slides - Inch

Saves build time. Trunnion action automatically accommodates lifter rod angles of up to 30 degrees. Available with or without self-lubricating graphite.

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Catalog #HeightWidthLengthMaterialCADAdd To Quote
TGA222841.5072.1893.00 DownloadAdd To Quote
TGA262861.7572.8893.25 DownloadAdd To Quote
TGA282882.0083.5623.50 DownloadAdd To Quote
TGA22284G1.5072.1893.00GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA26286G1.7572.8893.25GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
TGA28288G2.0083.5623.50GraphitedDownloadAdd To Quote
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